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Living Nature Landscape SA
2, Rusca street
CH-6830 Chiasso +

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"Are you ready to give green life back to our planet?"

Living Nature Landscape SA

"Are you ready to give green life back to our planet?"

The Living Nature Landscape group is the result of a natural evolution of professionals from different disciplines. This group includes managers of different backgrounds, architects, engineers and last but not least, master gardeners, all of whom have planned and achieved their dream of colour and who all love to live green.

Our story is one of success in the field of green living. From hanging terraces to little balconies, both large and small gardens, with or without swimming pools, we have always achieved our objectives, also creating something special, following the demands of our clients. We always strive to include our clients in their projects, from the first phase of planning, all the way until the completion.

Our professionalism, with reference to all those who we have the honour of calling our clients, is therefore our driving force. Our motto has always been: “From trust comes the plan…from the plan come the results”. That which has pushed us in the last five years to think, plan, and try to achieve the biggest eco-sustainable vertical gardens in Europe!!!


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Daniele Del Gratta

co-founder. designer.

Mario Socrate

co-founder. designer.